Make Your Own Butter

24th July 2014

I love a good kitchen gadget. Especially one that means that I can make BUTTER!!

This week I tried out the Chef’n Butter maker…which is a great little gadget to help you make your own butter. It is seriously simple!

All you do is pour in some double cream, leave for 6-8 hours, shake for a couple of minutes and rinse with water and voila you’re left with butter.

You can then add in herbs and spices to make your own flavoured butter. I tested it out with some garlic butter which I then stuffed inside a chicken breast and baked in the oven – deliciously simple.

Home made garlic butter - recipe (and an easy trick) coming up on in a few days ! #food

Check this blog post out for lots of flavour combos you could try…

How to Have A Stress Free Wardrobe {guest post}

17th July 2014

Today I’ve got a great blog post from a real inspiration – Amy Corbin has just set up a new blog and has thoughtfully shared her advice on having a stress free wardrobe.


I don’t know about you but I’m guilty of having way too many clothes, moving house in the next couple of weeks is going to kick me in to action of getting rid so this post comes at the right time!

Anyway, over to Amy…

I don’t know if it’s a girl thing, or if it’s just my thing…but I used to be literally obsessed with having loads of clothes. 

The thought of not having lots of different outfit options was a scary one.

I know, it sounds ridiculous – right! But this obsession was making my life very complicated; I would spend about 2 days packing for a holiday, I would have to buy extra storage boxes to keep a winter wardrobe under my bed and it would take up to 2hrs and 4 outfit changes before I decided on what to wear before a night out, and yet I still didn’t feel good. 

Then I considered what it would be like to own fewer clothes… 

1. You would have more disposable income.

2. You would have more time to live your life.

3. Getting ready would be easy and stress-free.

4. You would be able to see everything you owned.

5. Packing for trips would be piece of cake.

6. Laundry days – you’d be wining! 

So I decided to give this a go, and boy do I not regret it. I realised that I was buying into the lie that more is better, and every season I was accumulating more and more clothes.

I was convinced that new clothes would bring joy, happiness and confidence. This may last for 1-2 days, but what happens when you’ve worn that new top a few times?? Yup, you go back out there a buy another one, and so the cycle continues.

So here is my challenge for you…Why not try a different a route with your life. Try owning fewer clothes, you will be surprised how much joy and freedom it brings.

Here are some steps you can take to living a clutter free wardrobe. 


1. Admit you own too many clothes. This is the biggest step of them all.

2. Wear fewer clothes.  Most of us already have a favourite colour that compliments our skin tone best, why not only own clothes that make you look a million dollars.

3. Embrace the idea 5.  5 dresses, 5 jeans, 5 tops, 5 skirts – trust me this is more than enough for you to mix and match your perfect wardrobe. I now only own 40 items, that’s 330 items less than I use to own. 

4. Remove your clothes. You need to get the clothes out of your house; donate, sell, discard, whatever you need to do just get them out. This is a tough one, my rule was if I hadn’t worn something in the last 5 months it was a goner. 

5. Get over your shopping habit. For most of us, shopping is an addiction or habit. To begin breaking the cycle of shopping you need to go cold turkey for a while, I recommend 90 days of keeping that credit card in your wallet.

6. Set yourself a limit. You need to set yourself a monthly spending limit, pick a low number and stick to it. 

7. Buy quality over quantity. Only buy clothes that are good quality, they’ll make you feel better than buying 50 £7 Primark dresses.

8. AVOID SALES! The are just plain dangerous. 

Impress people with your character, not your clothes. 

REMEMBER: “People won’t notice old clothes if you wear a big smile” :)

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A few kitchen tips to avoid waste…

13th July 2014

I hate food waste. I’ve told you this before. But I love clever little kitchen tips that not only make life easier but also eliminate problems like wastage.

Here are few kitchen tips to avoid waste…and you’re going to need to stock up on apples!!

Fresh Food

Wrap banana stems in cling film. Banana’s release natural ethylene gas to ripen themselves, and the majority of the gas is released from the bottom. By wrapping in cling film, you’ll stop some of the gas from reaching the rest of the banana.

Store potatoes with an apple, to stop sprouting.

Store eggs with the pointed side down which will help them keep fresh for a longer.

Do not store tomatoes and cucumbers in the same draw. Tomatoes give out gases that cause cucumbers to rot faster so make sure that you keep these two apart.

Same with apples (one bad apple and all that)…don’t store with the rest of the fruits and vegetables as they give out certain gases that cause fruits and vegetables to taste bitter and turn faster.

Actually, whilst we’re talking about apples. If you want to ripen fruit faster (ie plums) then put an apple in the bowl.

Wilted greens? Revive with ice water. The osmosis process means that water travels across the permeable membrane of the leafy vegetable’s cell walls into dehydrated cells, which will make them look fresh again.

If the radishes have shriveled, place them in a jar of cold water. Water will restore the radish to its previous splendour.

Keep root vegetables in a vertical position. This lets the veggie save energy and remain fresh for a longer time. This is via FoodFromTheFridge

Do you have any great tips to share??

Curry in a Hurry – JustIngredients

11th July 2014

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet lately, it’s not because I’ve run out of things to say but I’ve been working on a new that will help busy women prepare and cook healthy meals. I’m a LONG way from launch so I can’t go in to too many details but needless to say if you’re a busy woman who doesn’t have time to cook then you’re going to love it!!

Anyway, talking about busy. I wanted to share with you these range of sauces from Just Ingredients. I was sent four curry sauces (I couldn’t help but break in to the bourbon bhuna that night) and I have to say – as someone who isn’t a fan of packaged food – they’ve totally won me over.
Great sauces from just ingredients

JustIngredients is a whole food mecca! They sell herbs, spices, oils, wholefoods and more. Their range is diverse, selling all manner of products that are non-irradiated and GMO free. It’s also a great place if you’re looking to purchase items that are are suitable for vegan, vegetarian, nut-free and wheat-free diets.

The curry sauces are AMAZING. I’ve always been wary of packet or jar curry sauces, they usually taste really fake and like vinegar but these sauces taste like they’ve been delivered from the local take-away which is perfect if you don’t want to ruin your healthy eating plan but fancy something quick and tasty.

The curry sauces come in 4 flavours and start at £4.20 per sauce: Aromatic Tikka Masala, Saffron & Rose Korma, Bourbon Bhuna, Coconut & Orange Goan and get a big thumbs up from me!

How To Make Coffee Cube Iced Lattes…

27th June 2014

Since getting back from New York, I’ve fallen in love with iced lattes (and iced chai tea lattes too – if anyone can point me in the direction of somewhere in Cardiff that does these then I’m all ears!).
Coffee Cube Latte

The best thing about these coffee cube lattes is that the coffee has time to infuse in the milk and you don’t get the watery taste that you would if you just put regular ice-cubes in cold coffee.

You will need:

  • A decent quality coffee & cafeteria (some instant espresso)
  • An ice tray or bag (if you’re using a tray, use a silicone one)
  • Milk

Start off by making your coffee. You’re going to want it pretty strong as it has to flavour the coffee.

Let the coffee cool and then pour it in to the ice tray.

Now you’ve got your coffee cubes.

Coffee Cube Latte

Next you need fill your glass or mason jar with the coffee cubes.Coffee Cube Latte

And the pour over your milk…

Coffee Cube Latte

The cubes will start to melt and infuse the milk. It’ll get stronger as you go along so its the perfect way to ease you in to your day.

Iceberg latte - thanks for the inspiration @rosielondoner

I was sent a sample of A2 milk which is a cows’ milk naturally rich in only the A2 protein and none of the A1 protein that is usually found in cows milk.  The A1 protein digests differently to A2 protein and has been linked to discomfort after drinking milk. That means a2 Milk may provide relief to many of the one in five Brits who struggle to digest cows’ milk.

Coffee Cube Latte

What do you have for dinner?

26th June 2014

10494824_910026282357929_2156280051801110565_n This is a really random question but what kind of foods do you usually have for your dinner? One of the reasons that I started my health coaching course was because I am fascinated by what people eat. I also loved this article which shows the average daily meals from around the world.

You know those “check out my fridge” pieces that you see in glossy mags? I love those. But I also think about what ordinary people eat too. For example I was sat in my garden enjoying a gorgeous meal of halloumi with minty broadbeans and peas and I started thinking about my next door neighbour and what he would be having for his tea. He looks like a bit of a roast dinner or pork chop man to me, I couldn’t imagine him sitting down to my dinner.

I think that’s why I love instagram so much, it’s like a little sneak peek in to people’s kitchens.

So I’m going to throw this out to you! Tell me below – what kind of foods do you eat?


Shirataki Noodles (aka Yam Noodles)

19th June 2014

So I posted my post gym dinner on Instagram last night and since it’s drawn lots of questions, I thought it would be easier to answer them here.

This is the pork and vegetable stir-fry with shirataki noodles I made last night…

Shirataki Noodles (aka Yam Noodles)

Shirataki (or yam) noodles have been used in Japanese cuisine for YEARS. They’re basically thin, translucent noodles that are made from a vegetable called Konjac (which is also known as devil’s tongue, voodoo lily, snake palm, or elephant yam).  They dry the yam and grind it into a flour from which they make the noodles. I’m sure you can think of lots of vegetables that have practically zero calories and the konjac plant (the Japanese yam) is one of them.

So just to recap these noodles have no carbs, virtually no calories (a pack has approx 10 calories) , no wheat, no gluten and no sugar.

How to cook Shirataki noodles:

Continue reading

Love Kombucha

15th June 2014

Kombucha: is a raw, fermented, probiotic, and naturally carbonated tea.


Yesterday I had the best day at the BBC Good Food show. It was so good to see an increase in stalls promoting healthy, natural living. However my day got even better when I stumbled across @lovekombucha.

If you’ve not tried or heard of Kombucha yet then you need to give it a go. It’s a naturally fizzy, fermented tea based drink. It’s uses a SCOBY (AKA symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) to eat away at the sugar which results in a healthy, gut healing drink.

So why drink Kombucha? Well, as I mentioned above, it’s a great probiotic, increases energy, treats candida and improves pancreas function. It’s also stuffed with antioxidants and is a home remedy for acne, fatigue, hypertension, headaches, and constipation. Continue reading

A taste of summer: chargrilled halloumi, green beans and tomatoes

11th June 2014

I know this is yet another repost for this week but since the weather is doing it’s very best Jekyll and Hyde impression, I thought I’d once again share this recipe for chargrilled halloumi, green beans and tomatoes. I initially found this perfect for summer recipe via red online. I tweaked it a little  {using way more halloumi than one girl should reasonably have} but it was gorgeous so I had to share.

Like I said, I tweaked the recipe slightly so below is my version and it served two: Continue reading